“Take action now! Workshop to develop creative solutions for our local sustainability issues.


Do 28.11.2019    
09:30 ~ 13:00


Beuth Hochschule für Technik - Hauptcampus
Luxemburgerstraße 10, Berlin, Berlin, 13353


Was/What ?
To repurpose the well-known proverb, sustainability begins at home. Global warming,
rising sea levels, extinction of species, plastic pollution – the list of problems in need of
an urgent solution is endless. With some 12,000 students and almost 900 staff members,
Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin is a ‘home’ to a large number of people who,
while having a significant impact on the environment, also have the know-how, the skills
and – most importantly – the motivation to instigate change and address some of the
problems facing our university community.

Wo/Where? Haus B “Gauß” – Raum B041L
Wann/When? Durchgehend von 9 bis 13 Uhr.
Anfahrt/Transport? U9 – Amrumerstraße